Me and Thermo, my new best friend

So today a special present arrived at my house.

It’s lovely, clean and is (hopefully) about to change my life. If you know me, cooking is not my friend. I have issues boiling eggs. My standard meals consist of quiche, sausages and veggies, quiche and pasta.

Now I have endless recipes to try. Yes, I know I could have done more things before, but it was a lot of effort. This machine is supposed to do it all. Mix, chop, blend, cook, self clean (yay), hang out the washing…oh.

I’m hoping a few things:
1. I can save electricity. I now have less need to turn on the stove.
2. Save on shopping. I can make ice cream, my husband will love it.
3. Eat better. Everything will be home made, no preservatives, all fresh food. That sounds pretty good in itself!
4. I can make meals and freeze them. Planning is not my strong suit…yet! Get ready for super mum!

We will see how I go with it over the next few weeks. I’m also hoping, like all new toys, I don’t loose interest in it.

Stick with me, I’m sure there will be more posts about Thermo!


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