Filling up the baby’s belly.

When I had the baby weighed last week, he had dropped from the 90th percentile to the 45th. The midwife was a little concerned for it to drop so much. They want to check it in 2 months.

Being my second child, I wasn’t worried. Actually, the first child I wasn’t worried about weight. They both started as big boys, and have had good appetites their whole life. This and the charts are now for formula fed babies.

The baby never stops eating. And by never, I mean, he wakes up, grumbles and is happiest when he has a grape in each hand or some cheese. The second the fridge is open, he’s in there reaching for something to fill his mouth. He seems to eat all the time, yet never seems to put on weight. The lucky thing! I’m sure he’d go to bed with food if he could.

He still has 4-5 breastfeed a day too. Where does all this food go? He’s still so tiny…

He loves fruit, cheese, bread, meat…he eats anything. Tries everything.

Now he’s started stumbling around I guess he will need more food. I can’t keep up as it is. I don’t want him to eat too many grapes or blueberries incase he gets a stomach ache, but he loves them so much…and I love the face he pulls when he hits a sour one. Plus his poop smells so sweet…

Seriously, he licks crumbs off plates.

I guess I’ll start to worry when he stops eating.


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