On the count of 3…everyone rest.

Right now, I’m doing nothing. My feet are up and I’m actually resting. Crazy, I know. But this is what I’m looking at.

Pretty awful isn’t it?

It’s our first family holiday. We arrived yesterday afternoon and have already been for 2 swims in the pool and a walk along the beach, with many more to come. We said to the toddler we’d take him to the beach this afternoon.

I’m glad it’s not too hot. It’s warm, overcast but still lovely. Perfect weather.

The husband is finding it hard to relax. He’s always on the go, rocking side to side, moving. This will be good for him. A detox from the stresses of work and the band. A chance to spend time exclusively with me and the boys.

I give it 2 days until we are sick of each other!

The drive up here (yes, we drove 10 plus hours) was crazy. The baby didn’t sleep until we were 4 minutes from our hotel. He cried and screamed so I kept passing him food back. He likes food. Never stops eating. I can only imagine what the back of the car looks like, crumbs are everywhere I’m sure.

Everyone is sleeping now. All 3 boys. Good. Gives me a break, a hot cuppa and hopefully a sleep too.


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