Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

January and early February means birthdays in my house. My husband and both boys.

It also means cake and lots of it.

Last year the toddler asked if he could have a birthday. By asking, I guess I mean, demanded a party. Seeing as we hadn’t had one for him yet, I said yes. He wanted a Thomas party of course. Sure, why not! How hard can that be?

My husband hit a big milestone and the baby turned 1, so we decided on 1 day, 3 parties. We also thought we would include a naming ceremony for the baby…the planning started. The stress kicked in!

All week I’ve been shopping, baking and making. I decided on making the cakes for my boys and getting a friend to do my husbands.

So the toddler wanted a Thomas party, he got a Thomas party.


It was a shame to cut it up.

He’d never had 20 people sing him happy birthday before, I think he liked it.


So after the masses of kids left we moved onto the baby’s birthday and naming ceremony.

Yes I made that cake too. When we were lighting the candles, my husband had the baby in his arms. After we sat down, we noticed the baby had grabbed a handful of cake.


I guess if you can’t grab your own cake on your birthday, then when can you? He enjoyed it.

Then we celebrated the husbands birthday with a massive BBQ and cake.

No, I didn’t make this one…I smartly outsourced the task. And glad I did. It was a fantastic cake.

So we BBQ’ed and ate food and cake and had kids running around until 9pm until everyone crashed in a heap.

Today the clean up started. Lucky most was done yesterday, but there was still plenty to do. I have a fridge full of leftovers (yay no cooking for a few nights) and a bench full of cake (my mouth says yay but my body says nooooooooo).

I love my boys and glad I got to organise such a momentous day. But never again. I’m exhausted.

Happy birthday to them.

(I also want to wish my father-in-law a happy birthday for mid January. Sadly he passed away last December. We miss you very much, especially on family occasions like this.)


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