My lunch date.

Today I was picked up. No, not by a man, but another mum. I’ve heard about it happening, but never been on the receiving end! We were both at a cafe with our kids and they were playing together. Her line was ‘how old are your kids?’

As it turned out, they were pretty much the same age, her youngest turning 1 last week. We got talking. She was a stay at home mum, who frequented this cafe often. It was our first time there. We shared a leisurely conversation over a cuppa.

It’s hard to make friends at 30…something. You’ve got your friends you grew up with, and work friends. Friends you make when you meet your husband, but that’s about it.

When I had the toddler I went to the early childhood clinic and met some other mums. I have since moved from that area so it’s getting harder to see them every week. And my friends I grew up with live interstate. Being newish to our area I’ve found it very hard to make friends.

Most mums in this area have been born and breed here. They already have their friends. I’ve tried play groups but found it too cliquy. I’ve tried story times, but it’s not the right place to meet someone.

I’ve joined an online mums group and we now have weekly catch ups, but even these women know each other. It’s hard to fit in. I’m not a standard north shore mum.

But these women are the closest thing I’ve got to friends up here. It’s lonely not having your friends close. We are even planning mum nights out.

So today was a nice change to actually meet someone who could hold a conversation and actually approached me. I’m not good at starting relationships and normally shy away from situations where I’ve got to talk to new people. I’m slowly getting better though…

I’ve got to get better at it if I want some mumships!


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