The amateur photographer.

One thing in my life I regret is not getting professional pregnancy photos. I see my friends with these beautiful bellies in the beautiful photos, and I get jealous.

Jealous that they got them done and jealous that they actually could afford to get them done. It’s not cheap, and I know we couldn’t afford it at the time. I’m sure if I said something at the time, my husband would have made it happen.

The sad thing is, it’s not something you can put off, do later. I would love to have a glamour photo of my big belly, and I was huge with both kids, hanging on my wall. It would be a talking point.

Taken hours before labour kicked in

Taken hours before labour kicked in with baby #2

There are photos of me, selfies, looking fat, grumpy and uncomfortable. The way you do actually look while pregnant. But having that hanging on my wall, not a good idea. Also having my awful scars showing would be depressing. Maybe a professional could have photo shopped them out.

The one time I have had professional photos done was earlier last year, I got a deal at the baby expo, took the kids and she got some great shots of the boys. I got 1 print with the deal, and of course no pressure to purchase others. But while looking at them, it made my heart melt to see my boys looking so fantastic. It also made me upset that I could not afford the $$ to get all the good shots. I ended up buying 2 photos for some ridiculous price. I’m glad I did, they really are great photos. I then scanned them and printed copies for the family. No way could I afford proper reprints.

I do this with Santa photos now too. The first year with the toddler, I got the big pack. I’ve still got photos left over 3 years later. Now I purchase 1 photo and scan it. For .15 cents a copy, it’s worth it. The quality isn’t too bad either!

I’ve decided to do this often. Go to the expo and get the photo deals and get a great photo of the boys. It might be a tight arsed way to do it, but when you don’t have a lot of money, it’s the only way I can document my boys in professional photos. Maybe one day I’ll pay full price, then again, if they are going to offer deals, then I’m going to use it. Their deal is my gain…


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