2014 – the year of me!

The end of another year. It’s gone fast, hasn’t it?

My family has had a very eventful year.
-the birth of our second son
-the sickness that my father-in-law suffered and his passing away just before Christmas

…that’s about it actually. That’s been the 2 big ‘things’ that have happened. One birth and one death. I’m sure there’s been other things, but they’re usual things. Birthdays, weddings, parties, concerts…

As I’m sitting here while the boys are sleeping, the husbands getting ready to play with the band tonight, I think about next year. What will it bring my family?

I have no idea. I can rattle off a list of things I want. Things like, paying off the credit card, cheaper electricity bills, a self cleaning toilet…wouldn’t that be grand?

Next year I want to get organised, I want to keep a cleaner house, I want to fold clothes the day they get taken off the line…wait this is a list my husband is probably wishing for too…my problem is actually doing it. Finding the time. I should be folding clothes now, but it’s the 40 minutes I get to myself everyday, and I want to sit and not do anything. I want that hot cup of tea without worrying if the baby is going to grab it.

A few years ago, my husband did a picture board of all the things he wanted. When he got it, he crossed it off. I want to do another one for us. Give us a goal and a visual of what we want. It’s a great idea. I’ll look at it everyday and work out how to get the things we want.

I’m off to google pictures of houses and cars…

For those interested if there is actually a self cleaning toilet, I shit you not (pun intended)… http://youtu.be/p2XN1W2camc


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