Christmas wrap-up!

I put on 7kg when I was pregnant with the baby. I reckon this Christmas I’ve put on that much plus some…

For some reason I can’t stop eating. And not just the chocolates and sweets, it’s everything. Ham, chicken, salads, gingerbread, normal bread, nuts, fruit…I never stop! It’s not that I don’t feel full, I am stuffed, but in the fork goes.

My husband and I joke that tomorrow the “put-the-fork-down” diet starts. We shouldn’t joke about it. Sadly, it’s reality. I said we should tape our mouths shut with a small hole for a straw…

It’s this time of year. There’s too much food, too much good food. And too much time to eat. My mother-in-law does a killer Christmas lunch. Roast chickens, ham and roast veggies. Then there’s the pudding, that’s been hanging for 6 weeks, with ice cream (she forgot the custard). Always food around and it starts early in the day and doesn’t end.

I’m not complaining, I love Christmas and all it’s goodness. My thighs are whinging…lucky I don’t wear corduroy.

So now the challenge to get fit, loose a little weight and feel good again. Wish me luck.

You can follow my City2Surf journey on Facebook. I will be posting regularly about my challenge and my progress there. Words of encouragement are needed! You can join me on the ‘fun run’ too.


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