A baby bird to start the days excitement!

The other day I noticed 2 baby kookaburras on the back fence. Oh my they are adorable creatures. We have had 2 resident kookaburras in the trees out the back for ages so it’s no surprise to see babies this time of year.

Today I was putting the baby to sleep, and there was a bump. A few more, I had no idea what it was. The toddler came in “a baby kookaburra went into the window, come look” and sure enough a baby bird was on the ground in our sunroom.

We took him outside and put him on the grass. Gave him some water, it’s very hot here today already. He flew up and into me. I screamed, the toddler screamed, then the bird flew up on the clothesline.

20131209-085236.jpgI’m just glad he’s not hurt. We will keep an eye on him, but looks like we might have another kookaburra in our yard. As long as it learns to eat mice and lizards, then I’m happy.


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