The longest walk of my life.


There comes a time in a woman’s life when all she wants to do is eat cake. Well, ok, it might span a few years for some (me) but cake is what I want. I love cake, chocolate, anything sweet. I love baking cookies, cupcakes and sweets.


When you hit your…erm 30’s plus some, things change. Body bits expand and don’t go back. You wish you could pull off those midriff tops you wore in your early 20’s. You can’t! You never will again. It’s time to get real.

I’ve been think a lot about 2014. What will it bring me? I am already filling out the calendar. Most of it so far is birthday parties. My toddler turns 3. 3! I can’t believe it. All his friends are having parties. He hasn’t had one yet, so we are going to have one, just for him. He wants trains, trains is what he gets. I’m going to make it special for him. That means cake. Cake at every party. That could mean up to 15 cakes in January and February alone.

That means more weight to be put on. A size bigger, more tears when getting dressed.

So I’ve decided to make a big change. I made it while walking with my kids today. We just went down the street and back, to get outside. To see the sun, feel the warmth. I’ve decided to set a goal for myself for next year.

It’s not to loose weight. That won’t happen. I need a goal, something to aim towards. Something to focus on that I can’t fob off.


I’ve decided to do the City2Surf. That’s 14km of pure torture. Now, I don’t plan on running it. That’s just stupid. But I will walk it. It could take 3-4 hours to do. I’ll be pushing a pram too. Last year the average time was 1 hour 43 minutes! Oh boy…

I will also try to raise money for a charity, still to be decided.

I’ve never done anything like it before, and probably never will again. But for once, I’d like to. I don’t plan on loosing weight, I just want to get a bit healthier. Be happier with myself.

This means putting the cake fork down (sometimes) and picking up an apple (more of the times.) I am not going to do a crazy diet, I believe in food equality. No food racism, I will just do a bit more self control, portion control and cake control. I will still have my cake, I will be more active, get outside more and start enjoying my 30’s.

So I’ve got until August to get healthy. That means starting at the beginning of the year. That means hustling the kids into the pram and actually getting outside.

I ask you to follow me on my journey from January, to encourage me, to kick me in the arse if I’ve sat on the couch for too long. If you see me reaching for that second piece of cake, slap my hand and take away the fork.

I’m going to regret publishing this, now there is no turning back!

To find out more about the City2Surf Fun* run! go here.

Want to join me in the walk of my life? Let me know!

*i see in no way will it be fun. I reckon it will be painful and incredibly hard.



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