A post about Justin Bieber. Yep, that’s right!!

The news today had a story on Justin Bieber spray painting a hotel wall in Queensland. I only caught the end of it so I googled it to read the story. I got to ‘justin bieber spray’ and there was a link to him pissing in a bucket and yelling out “fuck Bill Clinton”. Another time he spat on the fans. This wasn’t his first spray painting doozy either! It’s vandalism at its worse. He even gets photos of him doing it.

What the hell is wrong with that boy? Seriously. Where is his mother? What is wrong with her too?

If he was my son I would be mortified of his antics. I would be removing him from the public eye and grounding him…until he grows a brain and learns to use it properly. I don’t care how old/young he is…(I don’t care his age and was to busy doing nothing to look that up.)

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have girls. It means no Justin Bieber concerts, no One Direction shows, no fake see-thru skirts that has images of butts on them.

I hope that the Gold Coast council catches up with him and makes him scrub off his crap kindergartenish painting. That and a good kick in the butt. Why should the rich and famous get away with it? Treat them like a ‘normal’ person and make him pay.

(I would add a photo, but I don’t want to ruin my blog with his ugly mug…)


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