Sunday Kitchen Sessions #4: Cupcakes

Not just any cupcakes…Peppa Pig cupcakes!

Normally I wouldn’t buy these, but the toddler loves Peppa Pig and they were on sale, so why not?

Of course the toddler wanted to help.



I outsourced some of the photography…

So like normal, he looses interest about 4 minutes into making them. I finish them off. There wasn’t enough mixture to fill the 12 patty pan cups that came with it, so I made 10 hoping there was enough for that. Only just!

I got distracted so they probably could have done with 2 minutes less cooking time…but I think they look pretty good after icing.


My official taste tester had a go, the verdict?

He loved it. I had one…tasted how I thought it would. Pretty bloody awful.

Next time, I make them from scratch.


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