To Santa or not to Santa…

So I’m wrapping presents, and I get thinking about the Santa issue. Do we make him real and get gifts from him, leave out milk and cookies and bribe for good behaviour? Or is Santa just the strange guy in the red suit that you visit at the shops and get a photo with because mum wants it? It’s a tricky one.

I put the question to my mothers group. How do they tackle the Santa problem? Yes, the majority of them do it all. The whole nine yards. Milk, cookies, presents…

I’m unsure about it. The toddler will be 3 in January and the imagination only stays alive for children until about 6 or 7 years old, so what do we do?

Everywhere you look Santa is there. On top of buildings, in stores, on tv…there’s no escaping him. You tell kids not to be scared, but he watches you all year, eats a shit load of cookies on one night only, and comes down the chimney while you sleep! Yeah if I was 3 I’d probably be terrified.

My husband remembers the day he found out Santa wasn’t real. He spent all day at school defending the big man, saying he was real because mum said so. He went home to ask mum to confirm, it was then she had to sit him down and disclose the truth…Santa was in fact, not real. Mum lied. To a kid that must be the worst thing ever. To believe for years that this guy was real and did eat the cookies and milk and leave presents, then in 20 seconds having it all unravel. And your mother, the one person you trust most, to be the one to tell you.

Why do we do it to them? I can’t imagine breaking my boys hearts like that because odds are I’ll be the one to have to let them down gently in a few years. And what if the toddler finds out sooner than the baby and ruins it for him?

It’s something we need to decide on soon, for 2 reasons.

1. So I can start making a big deal now in the lead up to Christmas Day about Santa coming.
2. I need to go back to the shops and get more gifts…more money to spend, more people to dodge in the aisles and fight for a car park.

Maybe we just let him decide for himself. His imagination is amazing so I’m sure he will come up with his own thoughts on Santa…whatever it will be, I’ll play along, as long as my boys are happy.


2 thoughts on “To Santa or not to Santa…

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