The fat man in a red suit.

Yesterday we went to see Santa. It was only the second attempt this year and we got a photo. Last year it took about 5 visits.


The toddler loves Santa. He carried around a small Santa cookie jar all year until it recently smashed. So he’s not scared of him. We get within metres of the big man and he starts acting silly. Hiding behind me, giggling, making this odd grunty noise he’s started lately. It’s funny to watch. The shyness of kids. 20131121-132806.jpg

But ‘Santa’s helper’ was great. She blew bubbles and squeaked balls and toys. We finally got the photo.

There was probably a better one of the toddler but this was the only one where the baby wasn’t crying. The toddler wouldn’t sit, but after a high five and a handshake, we got him to stand on the chair.

The first year the toddler was great. I dressed him nice and he sat still. Last year the first visit I dressed him nice again but when we could get photos due to tears, I got over dressing him up. Last year he wasn’t wearing shoes. So what if he’s wearing bright green socks and the baby doesn’t have a shirt on. I don’t think the toddlers hair had been brushed in days. But you’ve got to get the photo when you can.

I hope there are many more years of photos…



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