Sunday Kitchen Sessions #3: Pancakes

My husband grew up with pancakes every Sunday. I love the idea. We don’t do it every Sunday, but a lot of them. Now the kids are getting older, I feel less guilty about giving them pancakes for breakfast.

the making begins

My husband taught me this recipe. It’s simple and they taste great. The best thing, they even taste good without added sugar, so they are totally kid friendly.


the Sunbeam Woddle maker

I got this Sunbeam Woddle maker years ago. At the time, it was a cheap bonus purchase after buying a few other items in the Christmas sales. The deals my mum and I got that day! I think after discounts and vouchers, it cost us a whole $5. I think I used it twice before having kids, just seemed like too much effort. Now, the toddler loves penguins to eat.


penguins are cooking

They are a super cute way to serve food. I love how their little belles are pushed in, the perfect place for a scoop of ice cream. The toddler eats them plain. I’m sure he will clue in soon that they taste better with syrup.

I make savoury penguin pancakes filled with meats and hidden veggies for dinner too.


the perfect pancake (the rest were pretty shoddy)


the finished pancakes

My husband isn’t home so he misses out today, so we ate them all!


someone likes them


even the baby gives them a go!


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