Our eBay home

I love eBay. It’s a great place to find some real bargains.

My husband loves it too…maybe a bit too much. In the last 2 weeks he has won enough gym equipment to start his own gym, breakfast bar stools, iPod speakers and the latest addition to our home, a couch. And that is all I know of…

When we first started living together, I had a cheap futon/couch thing. There was just me, and it served as a bed most nights when I couldn’t be bothered going to bed. One Friday night he turns up with a lounge he had won off eBay. It was an old 50’s sofa complete with wooden arms and legs. It was a lovely lounge, a bitch to sleep on, and the pillows weighed a tonne. He bought it with out consulting me. Ok, I can learn to live with it. I did…

4 years later, he’s done the same thing, except this time is a huge red couch. It’s very overpowering and dominating in our livingroom. It’s actually very comfortable and will be better to sleep on (yes I’m still sleeping on couches, normally with a restless baby in my arms…) Its completely worth the $49 he won it for. 20131110-203940.jpg

He’s created a gym in our garage out of eBay purchases. There’s a stepper, treadmill, weight bench, ab king pro…he joked about making money off me for membership to his gym. I reminded him I don’t work so I’d have to borrow money for my fees…

I agree he is pretty good at eBaying. Always getting things for cheap. I have made him promise to consult me before buying anymore furniture, but I’m going to start writing my list of items I want…starting with a new dining table, then maybe a tv cabinet, then maybe a toy box…

Is there an eBay anonymous?

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