Fire…oh man!


Yesterday we had bush fires close to home. And by close, I mean a street away.

All morning the helicopters were dumping water on the fires. For hours those thing flew over. They are incredibly loud and made the whole house shake. I had a plate fall and smash. It was a gift plate we were given a few years ago.

Sad to see it go.

The police blocked off the street a few doors down, the fire trucks were up and down our street all day. Sirens blaring, lights going…it was very exciting especially for the toddler.

I have no idea what to do in case of evacuation…and living so close to a national park, I should probably figure it out. I’m lucky it was only watch and act yesterday, I would have been lost.

My neighbour came over, she had rushed home to be with her teenage son, and to pack her box. She remembered the fires of 1994, they apparently came right up to the house. So I guess she would be panicking. She gave me advice to pack a box in case of evacuation and offered help if needed.

After the helicopters left, there were fire trucks parked over the road for hours. I took the toddler over to have a look. One fireman put on the sirens and lights for him. Then gave the toddler a safety show bag. What a great guy. He said the fires were under control and not to worry. I truly believed him…who wouldn’t believe a fireman?

I didn’t get his name or engine number, wish I did. It’s people like him that make me believe there is good in this world. Those firemen worked their arses off to save homes and put that fire out. I take my hat off to them.

The fires yesterday were believed to be arson. I still can’t believe people, probably kids, can still start fires. Living in Australia we deal with fires, drought and floods on a yearly basis, but to have someone deliberately set fire to something that puts lives and property in danger, I want to kick them.

I want to say a thank you to the firemen and women who go out there everyday to fight fires and save lives. You are the real heros!!!



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