Curvy and loving it…mostly!

This is my favourite art work we have in our house.
My husband and I picked it up at the Easter street fair in Burrawang, NSW a few years ago. It was before we were married or pregnant. We had heard of this little village by a friend of his, so we went to check it out on our way to see my mum. It was a beautiful place. The pub looked over the valley, and the local hall, was just gorgeous. It was here we decided to have our wedding.

I love these photos. I love the way they are all comfortable in nothing. Women these days are too caught up with being skinny and perfect. I know I’m one that has to work on loving the way I look, things change when you get older and after having kids. Everything goes out…chest, hips, waist, thighs…and sometimes it just doesn’t go back in.
We were just talking about this today with my mothers group. Coming to terms with yourself now, and not dwelling on what you used to look like. Not trying to fit the jeans you wore 7 years ago or the dress that won’t do up, no matter how much you think skinny.

I’ve decided I’m going to do a purge of my wardrobe and get rid of those “maybe one day” clothes. It’s not good for my head to keep them, hoping that I might lose the weight. I’m kidding myself. There’s no point getting upset every time I get dressed.

I like to eat, sometimes the wrong food, and I don’t exercise so losing weight isn’t going to be done anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overweight, just not a size 10 anymore….

Buying clothes is also a daunting experience. I loath it. Most times I go out with purpose, I come home with nothing but a broken heart. I’m short, curves in places the clothes don’t, not a lot up top…when will designers figure it out? No body is perfect…where is the short, curvy, flat chested women’s store? They would make a killing!

My husband describes me as curvy. I guess I’d agree with that. Maybe curvier than I’d like though. This time in my life I’ve got to start loving myself, beginning with how I look. And if being curvy is what I am, then that’s who I am…

Now where is the carrot (cake)…

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