To the women in my life…

I have a lot of women in my life. Smart, funny, amazingly wonderful women.

There are the women I worked with, who I miss terribly every day. I miss the conversations and tea breaks. Having a laugh at lunch, wandering the shops and talking about things that aren’t child related. We still catch up, but now our lives are so different, I’m the one who has to leave early to put the kids to bed. Who knows, we might work together again one day, I’m glad the friendship’s still there.

Then there’s my mothers group. What a bloody fantastic lot you are. Over 2 years ago we met, at a child clinic, telling stories of birth and life. Man, we had all been through a lot. No one had it easy. I’ve heard some mothers groups are very competitive, not us. I’ve never met a bunch of women who are more supportive, non judgemental, and genuinely care about each other. I’ve watched your first borns, and now second round of munchkins, grow up, learn and become beautiful kids. How glad I am I walked into that meeting, instead of getting left with ‘the potato flour African dancing’ woman. It sucks I’ve moved further away, but the on going weekly catch ups, really save my sanity.

The women who are mothers who have supported me along my journey of motherhood, I thank you. The ones who have given advice, lent boys clothes, toys and books. The women who aren’t mothers but have given gifts, hugs, baby sat, a place to stay when we visit. I thank you too.

There’s my mum, aunts and cousins. My family is crazy, but you can’t pick them right? My oldest female cousin is having her first child soon, it’s incredibly exciting. I wish her all the luck in the world. My other female cousin is already a mother to a gorgeous boy. She is a wonderful caring mother and her son reflects this. My aunts are all a bit crazy to mention. They are all supportive in their own special ways…Let’s leave it at that for now!

Last there are the women I grew up with, most mothers of their own now. We are all over the place, we don’t see each other enough. I miss just hanging out like we used to, before we grew up and got responsible…mostly. Before babies, before husbands, before mortgages…it’s never going to be that way again until we finish having kids and can celebrate empty nests together. I love being an “auntie” to those that have kids and all of you being an “auntie” to my boys. I wish we lived closer and got to have a cuppa daily. Maybe we can all retire in the same community, play cards and drink bubbles. That sounds pretty grand.

I hope I’m a staple in your life like you all are in mine.

Ok, ok, enough mushy stuff…

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