Snot and tears: doin’ it for the love.


Everyday I quit my job…

Sigh – hire myself again.

I do it because of these 2.

They are my world. No one else can take care of them like I do. I make sure their bums are clean, there bellies are full and they have a smile on their face. Sounds easy! It is the most stressful job I have ever done.

The baby has just started crawling. The toddler isn’t so keen on the whole crawling thing. It means the baby can now suck and drool on everything. I am forever wiping drool off toy cars, blocks and balls. Trying to wrangle the toddlers paintings out of baby’s mouth. Asking 17 times a day, “what is in your mouth?” “Put that down” and “where did you find that?” It’s an old saying, but I am sounding like a broken record.

Do kids know what that is? How do you explain that saying? It’s not like iPods skip…

I’m worried about them growing up in a technology world. Can you imagine the minds and ability of children in 15 years? It’s scary. I’ve tried to keep them away from it as much as possible. They don’t have DVDs in the car, they don’t play on the iPad, and the toddler hasn’t worked out the phone yet. I want them to use their imagination, paint and get messy, jump in muddy puddles and argue because the toys have been sucked on. Technology can’t give praise and hang a painting on its fridge. There is no an app for that!

My boys are very different. The toddler is a great sleeper, good eater and yell random stuff anywhere. The baby is a great eater, awful sleeper and giggle when tickled no matter how tired he is.

I was always against co-sleeping, but it has saved everyone for the few months we did it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner to get some much needed rest in those first few months. We still struggle with the sleep. I loved having 9 hours a night before the baby came. Now I’m surviving on 4-6 (sometimes 2) a night. No wonder they use it as a torture device! It can’t last forever, right?

Sometimes I think “I didn’t sign up for this!” The pay is lousy, the toilet breaks are supervised, no sick leave and I don’t seem to get weekends or holidays anymore. But when I feel the little hands pulling at my pants leg, or hear the giggles coming from the playroom, it makes me incredibly proud to be a mum. I just hope I am raising these boys to the best of my ability and that they turn out ok. After all this job doesn’t come with a manual or training and there is no control alt delete function either…let’s hope I don’t mess up too much.


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