10 little undies!

We were buying the undies yesterday in preparation for toilet training, I almost walked away without them 3 times. I never thought it could be so hard and we haven’t even started getting near the potty yet. I’m not good at decisions like this. Sadly, it was harder trying to find a packet that hadn’t been opened and pairs stolen than trying to make the toddler choose between fire engines or robots (and that took ages, hence the almost walk always…) but we bought the fire engines and the anxiety increased. I have no idea what is ahead!

I was hanging them on the line to dry this morning and got a little choked up. My first born is really growing up and about to wear his first pair of undies. Who would have thought 10 little boys briefs could stir so much emotion? This coming from the mum who on his first birthday started singing happy birthday, and burst into tears 1 line in…maybe it’s not a surprise.

There was one time when we first got the potty that he did do a wee in it. I was so excited and proud, there were lots of praise for the first widdle in the right place. My husband and I spent that night trying to calm the over excited child who thought it was fun to take off his nappy in bed and wee everywhere. 2 sheet changes and 8 replacements of the nappy later, he finally crashed. He’s never gone in there again.

The other day it was super warm and I thought he could have a nappy free afternoon. After asking numerous times if he needed to wee or poop it was always “no thank you”. He’s so polite, only to have him run in to me a few minutes later yelling “mummy I made mud pies on the floor!” Lucky we have wood floors…

But we will start and who knows, maybe the toddler will respond to rewards and go where he’s supposed too…or he can run around outside and ‘water’ the lemon tree! It’s months til it’s winter…


2 thoughts on “10 little undies!

  1. if he’s ready, it should only take about two weeks. Ask your mothers group or Jade, they might have some great tips for you 🙂

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