Thomas, the toddlers best friend…

Everywhere we go, Thomas the tank engine comes too. And not just Thomas, his trusty carriage Annie too. Clarabel, the second carriage, was missing when Thomas came to live with us, and I’ve never heard the end of it.

We found a tiny carriage once so now it’s attached to the back of ‘big Thomas’. Makes me laugh every time.


Yesterday Thomas broke. He has been dropped too many times and now he’s snapped in half and won’t hold his battery. There were some tears from the toddler. Through the tears and snot I’m directed that ‘I need a new Thomas now!’

eBay is a great place to find Thomas toys. People are almost throwing them out. So in the next few days a new Thomas, Annie and Clarabel will arrive…let’s just hope I make some money back when toddler and baby have grown out of Thomas. By then we will most likely own every train, every track and a share in the island of Sodor railways…


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